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Affordable Care Act: Employer Reporting and Your 2016 Tax Return




Under the Affordable Care Act, employers and insurance carriers are required to provide all full time eligible employees (those who regularly are scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week) with proof that health coverage was offered to them.   All full time eligible employees will receive one or two IRS forms which may be used to help complete their 2016 Tax Return.  Form 1095-C will be sent via mail.  Form 1095-B will also be sent from United Healthcare to all employees who were enrolled in the fully-insured HMO medical plan.  Please note the below timeline. 


March 2nd: deadline for employer to provide employees their Form 1095-C.  Employees may use this form to help complete their 2016 tax return.  This form does not need to accompany their 2016 tax return and should be saved in their files.


March 2nd: deadline for United Healthcare to provide those employees on the HMO plan with a 1095-B. Employees may use this form to help complete their 2016 tax return.  This form does not need to accompany their 2016 tax return and should be saved in their files.


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR EMPLOYEES:  You do not have to wait for either the 1095-C or 1095-B forms to complete and file your 2016 tax return.  You may use other forms of documentation to provide proof of your insurance coverage.  For more information, please click and review questions 14-16.


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