Virtual Choose Wellness 2021 Event Videos

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Anxiety, Depression, and the Impact of COVID-19:
Participants will learn about mental health awareness, signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression in children/adolescents in the context of COVID-19, as well as be provided strategies parents can use to support their children at home. In addition, we will focus on signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression in the context of COVID-19.
Children’s Hospital of Orange County
Building Relationships for Resilience and Wellness:
Many students and families are struggling to maintain mental health and wellness, especially with the current challenges we face. Developing resilience is an important strategy that can help your family through difficult times. In this workshop, you will learn about the Four “C’s” of resilience - Care, Communicate, Cope, and Connect. We will reflect on our own family assets and values and the importance of building relationships and connections for wellness.
Orange County Department of Education
Building Resiliency in Youth during a Pandemic:
A mental health expert from CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County will talk with parents about resiliency, good mood hygiene, building strong relationships, and improving communication skills for youth and families in the context of COVID-19. This brief workshop outlines specific, small steps parents can take to build resilience in their children so that the rough patches are speed bumps and not derailments. This workshop aims to teach parents how to help children take on challenges, bounce back from difficulties, feel confident, and promote wellness.
Children’s Hospital of Orange County
Covid-19 Updates:
The Orange County Health Care Agency (OC HCA), will share with you the latest updates on the county's planning and response to COVID-19. This will include current Orange County recommendations for staying safe, on vaccines, and what we can all do to support one another. The presenter will highlight the steps needed to support the physical and emotional wellness for both you and your children.
Orange County Health Care Agency
Cause and Effect: Smoking and Tobacco Use in LGBTQ+ Communities:
In this presentation we will dive deeper into some of the reasons why LGBTQ+ young people and individuals begin tobacco use and what some of the effects are for our health and safety. We will connect this issue of tobacco use to family acceptance, mental health, self-esteem and more. Additionally, we will also cover some of the trends we see in our tobacco use rates, and the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ tobacco users. Resources for cessation and local advocacy efforts will also be available.
LGBTQ Center of Orange County
Multicultural Emotional Awareness:
This presentation will teach parents how to be emotionally aware from a multicultural perspective. Parents will learn how to support their children with coping skills and stress management strategies.
Orange County Asian Pacific Islander Community Alliance
Plugged-In Parents: Keeping Students Safe, Happy and Healthy in the Digital Age:
Parents will learn about Cybersafety and prevention/ intervention for Cyberbullying for their children. They will learn what to look out for online and on apps.
Orange County Department of Education
Safe and Welcoming Schools:
Children learn best in a safe, secure, inclusive environment. Please join us to learn about partnering with schools and communities to create, sustain and advocate for safe, inclusive school campuses.
OC Human Relations
Safe from the Start:
Learn how trauma can impact learning and academic achievement as we explore brain development. Parents will gain knowledge on effective parenting strategies and techniques to utilize in supporting your child's success.
Orange County Department of Education
Stress Reduction for Parents:
Parenting is stressful. Join us to learn how to use mindfulness-based techniques to manage parenting stress, regulate emotions, and cultivate well-being for you and your children.
Illumination Institute
Youth Suicide Prevention:
Participants will receive the knowledge and skills to help support those at risk of suicide. Participants will learn risk factors and warning signs of suicide, how to talk to someone who is in crisis and how to link them to appropriate resources and professional help.
Didi Hirsch
The Effects of Social Media on Mental Health:
Social media is now intrinsically linked to mental health! Students will learn about social media addiction, the potential negative effects of social media on mental health, and how social media impacts your life. Students will walk away with helpful strategies to counteract the effects of social media/screen addiction.
GGUSD School Psychologist
Be an Upstander: Challenging Biased Behavior:
We’ll examine the impact of biased behaviors, such as namecalling and bullying, and learn strategies to be an UpStander so you can challenge biased behaviors in your schools and communities.
Ani-Defamation League