GGUSD COVID-19 Comprehensive Response Plan for Students
Spring 2020

Dear GGUSD Students,

First, thank you for all of your hard work and patience as we quickly transitioned to distance learning due to COVID-19. Distance learning presents new opportunities and challenges for all students. Your teacher(s) has(have) been helping you by providing the learning structure you need in order to be successful in this new setting. You may find yourself needing more support in distance learning than when you physically attended school every day.

Garden Grove Unified School District has a variety of resources in place to ensure students and their families are supported during distance learning. The resources listed below are focused around our three district goals (shown below) and will help to support you for the rest of the year and beyond.

As the school year comes to a close, you may be asking yourself, “what will happen next year?” While the Governor and State Department of Education have indicated that students will most likely return to in-person school in the Fall, they have also advised us that, depending on the status of the pandemic, the return might be very different from our usual school practices. Exactly what that means is still being determined but we have been busy looking into all of the possible aspects of a return, depending on state and county directives in relation to COVID-19. In the weeks to come, each family will receive a survey that will help us develop options to meet your needs and we will be sharing that information with parents and students throughout the next few months in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year.

NOTE: Embedded throughout this document are hyperlinks to additional GGUSD websites, documents, and resources. Included in the Appendices are links to non-GGUSD documents and resources.

How do I access technology? Technology plays a main role in ensuring students continue to receive high-quality educational opportunities. The chart below highlights technology resources provided to you.

Focus Status
Student Device Access ● Schools have distributed devices to students. If you did not get one and need one, then contact your school so that you can make an appointment to pick one up.
WiFi Access ● If you do not have WiFi access in your home, please be sure to contact your school Principal to find out about getting WiFi access or a hotspot.
Ongoing Tech Support ● At Home support for you is available through your school Technology Support Specialist (TSS) email example: or by emailing
● Visit the FAQ posted on the district website covering common technology questions.
● More support materials can be found at (At Home Support Link).

What apps can I use for online learning? GGUSD is committed to providing a variety of applications to support teaching, learning and communication. The chart below provides information about those applications most often used across the district.

Software/Application Level Primary Use Description
Google Classroom PK-12 Serves as a teacher's virtual classroom. Online classroom that allows teachers and students to organize assignments, collaborate, and have on-going communication.
Google Meets PK-12 Mass communication platform. Download the mobile app:
Allows teachers to communicate with parents and students using direct messaging, email, text, and voice messages.
Class Dojo PK-6 Teacher communication application used with parents. Provides teachers an additional communication portal with parents to increase communication and community building.
Zoom PK-12 Online video conferencing platform for use with parents and students. Download the mobile app:
Allows teachers to conduct real-time online video meetings with students and parents for activities such as teaching a lesson or conducting a parent meeting regarding student progress.
SeeSaw PK-12 Serves as a teacher's virtual classroom for students who might be working with their parent and teacher during online learning.
Online learning journal where students and teachers post materials, conduct learning activities, and have on-going communication.
Flipgrid PK-12 Video based sharing and discussion platform. Allows students to record short video posts to engage in classroom sharing and other instructional related activities.
Screencastify PK-12 Video recording application. Chrome Extension
Allows teachers to create video lessons to share with students and students to create short video clips demonstrating their learning.
Khan Academy K-12 Personalized extended learning platform. Provides students extra practice and tutoring on skills and content standards that teachers are working on with students.
Online Textbooks PK-12 Digital textbooks accessed through the ClassLink web portal or teacher supplied web link. Online digital textbooks are available for students to access and may include enhanced learning platforms that students use in addition to the digital textbook.

Common Questions
The chart below is designed to answer common questions to help you be academically successful and remain healthy. It is organized by GGUSD’s Goal One, Two and Three.

Garden Grove Unified School District developed the COVID-19 Response Plan for Students to provide support and resources specific for students during the time of distance learning. Although information has been provided and organized around the three district goals, you still may have unanswered questions. Please do not hesitate to contact your teacher, principal or the district office for additional support. Our goal is for every student to be successful in school even during distance learning!

Goal One: Academics (Lessons and Assignments)
Area of Support What do I need? How do I get help?
Electronic distance learning I keep hearing about Distance Learning. What does that mean? Distance learning is academic instruction in which the student and teacher are in different locations. This instruction does not have to occur at the same time and typically involves the use of technology. Distance learning can be:
● one in which students learn at the same time (live) or at different times (recorded)
● completely digital (all technology-based) or hybrid (partially digital and partially print)
Electronic distance learning I need access to a device. Call or email your teacher or principal to schedule an appointment to pick up a device; contact a classmate that has a device for support.
Electronic distance learning I need access to WiFi. Contact your school and leave a message, visit your school for posted information or contact a classmate. If your school does not reply to your message within two days, then contact the district office.
Electronic distance learning I need technical support with my device. Email teacher, principal or district Help Desk. Help Desk email:
Paper/pencil distance learning How do I receive and turn in assignments? Email or call teacher or principal for process; have parent check ParentSquare.
Time management can’t get my work done on time?
How do I prioritize my assignments?

K-6:Call/email teacher to assist you with developing a daily schedule.

7-12: Use Time Management Strategies to plan and organize your day/assignments.

Student Time Management Resources

Communicate with your teacher via email or Google Classroom if you have concerns with prioritizing your assignments.

How to ask my teacher for help.

Visit the AVID website for student resources and access a time log (or access the links below).

AVID Student Resources
Time Log

Grading How will I be graded on assignments?
Will there be exams?
The interim grading policies for distance learning have been developed and are referenced in this Link.
Academic Support

How do I get help if I don’t understand something?
What if I have a GATE or IEP Plan?

What can I do if I need more help or can’t contact my teacher?
Check with your teacher’s daily schedule for office hours/advisory blocks.
Be sure to ask questions during the lesson or during re-teaching; contact a trustworthy classmate or older sibling; access teacher-recommended online resources.
Be sure that you are actively participating in all lessons offered by your teacher to ensure that you are meeting the goals of your plan.
Most issues can be resolved by addressing your concerns directly with the teacher. Please share your concerns with the teacher first. If the issue remains unresolved, contact the school principal. Please be conscious that this is a challenging time for all; we ask you to be a bit patient during this unprecedented time of remote learning. Click here for tips on how best to get your concerns resolved.
In Person schooling When will schools reopen?

Where do I call if I have a question about registration or transfers?

Additional information about opening schools for the 2020-2021 school year will be made with guidance from state and county health officials as well as input from families, and will be communicated with all parents and students in the months to come.

Families of current students will be contacted by the school regarding enrollment for the fall. If parents would like to contact the school, feel free to leave a message at the school’s main phone line. Staff regularly check messages and will return your call.

For NEW students: please visit the following enrollment websites: Pre-Enrollment Guide:
Aeries Online Enrollment:

Inter/Intra Transfer Questions can be sent to:

Study Skills How do I organize myself to the new learning style (distance)?

Create a daily schedule of when you have virtual lessons, plan ahead for a quiet learning space, and gather all necessary materials.

Use a calendar to keep track of upcoming assignments. Prioritize the assignments based on due dates and core classes.

Utilize resources available, such as:
Student Time Management Resources
Study Skills Resources
Academic Language Scripts

AVID website for student resources and access a time log.

Goal Two: Socio-emotional Well-being (Feelings and Emotions)
Area of Support What do I need? How do I get help?
Counseling & Mental Wellness I am feeling stressed and anxious. Who can I talk to? Fear and anxiety can cause strong emotions. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger. Talk with people you can trust about your concerns and how you are feeling. If you, or someone, you care about, are feeling overwhelmed with emotions, click here to find help.
Student Connectedness

I want to stay connected with my teachers/school.

I want to stay connected to my friends/peers.

Maintaining connections with your friends is important. Using technology is a way you can stay connected with family and friends. Connect with your friends by way of letter-writing or video chat, texting with family members near and far, phone calls, or virtual games such as Scrabble or Draw Something. Click on the GGUSD Wellness Toolkit for ideas and resources for staying connected!
Physical Wellness I need to be more physically active and eat nutritious meals. Being physically active has many health benefits no matter what age you are. It is especially important during these times to look for ways to remain physically active, while still following physical distancing guidelines. Here is a link to some ways you can get moderate to vigorous physical activity every day during our current situation.
Behaviors How am I expected to behave during distance education? Because a remote learning environment is still a classroom, norms and rules are to be followed as in the regular educational setting/classroom. Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be Safe. Expectations for student behavior are outlined in the document titled “Expectations for Student Behavior During Distance Learning”. To access the document click here.
Goal Three: Life-Long Success (High School and Beyond)
Area of Support What do I need? How do I get help?
AP Tests Where can I find information regarding the new AP Exam format and dates? AP testing will continue this year in a digital format from any device. For information and tips, please visit:
AP Testing Updates
AP Testing Calendar
Taking AP Exams
AP Testing Guide
AP Exam Experience and AP Exam Demo
SAT Have the UC/CSU/Private schools changed their SAT/ACT expectations?

The College Board has announced additional testing dates for fall 2020. Click here for information regarding test dates and registration. To register for the ACT examination, click here.

If you have questions regarding the upcoming fall 2020 SAT/ACT administrations, please email your school counselor.

Graduation I am a senior. What will happen with graduation? Refer to our district flyer about Virtual Graduations. For school specific questions, please contact your school’s principal.
College Admissions How are my college admissions affected? The California State University (CSU) will temporarily suspend the use of ACT/SAT examinations in determining admission eligibility for all CSU campuses for the 2021-2022 academic year. This temporary change of admission eligibility applies only for the fall 2021, winter 2022 and spring 2022 admission cycles. The University of California also recognizes the challenges that students are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, in response; UC is temporarily suspending the standardized testing requirement for students applying for fall 2021 freshmen.

Support for Students Appendix

Included below are additional resources to support students with academic and personal skills for lifelong success.

Goal 1 - Resources to Support Students’ Academics (Lessons and Assignments)

Student Time Management Resources: Student Time Management Resources

How to Ask My Teacher for Help: Academic Language Scripts.pdf

Study Skills Resources: Study Skills Resources

AVID Student Resources:

AVID Time Log:

Organization Strategies:

Goal 2- Resources to Support Students’ Socio-emotional Well Being (Feeling and Emotions)

GGUSD Wellness Toolkit:

Resources for Physical Health:

Goal 3 Links – Resources to Support Students’ Life-Long Success (High School and Beyond)

Support for Students Taking Advanced Placement Courses

Students taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses should visit the College Board website for the latest updates about AP exams, testing schedules, study resources, and more. Click here for the College Board website.

Updates regarding the ACT, SAT and PSAT exam

Click here for SAT test dates in the Fall 2020

Click here for information about the ACT

Click here for updates from the College Board about the SAT and PSAT

Updates from the University of California and California State University Systems

Click here for updates from the University of California

Click here for updates from California State University